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Hotspur Press is situated in a focal point of the city centre, and has been largely vacant for a number of years. Elmloch Ltd is interested in gathering your thoughts on how this iconic site could be revitalised to help support growth in this part of the city.

We have organised two public consultation events to fully understand your thoughts of the existing site and your views on how it could be utilised in the future. The first consultation event took place on the 12th February 2018, which presented a detailed overview of the opportunities and constraints presented by the site.

Since then, the design team has analysed the feedback received from the first event, coupled with the various opportunities and constraints on site, and developed a preferred proposed design following the exploration of several options for Hotspur Press.

This second public consultation event, held on the 23rd May 2018 explains our vision for the future of Hotspur Press, which incorporates a number of the design principles recommended in the first event.

This includes retaining the original 1880s curved warehouse and restoring its iconic signage, meaning the classic view of the building from Gloucester Street will remain. A new public square will be created to connect Cambridge Street with the adjacent First Street development, opening up access to the River Medlock and the city centre. A sensitively designed tower is also proposed which compliments the historic fabric of the building, whilst introducing commercial units on the ground floor breathing life into the new public square.

The consultation boards from both of the events can be viewed by following the links below:

The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of this consultation exercise. The data will be held securely and not published individually.

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